Enter A Zip Code Using Google Suggest-Type Lookups

This is a test of Google Suggest-type lookups for a query. This technique uses XmlHttp requests to get a new list of lookup results in the background every time the value in the lookup field changes, so this page doesn't have to be reloaded over and over again. To improve performance, lookup results are also cached locally so duplicate requests aren't made during a given session.

Just start typing a US Zip Code (sort of slowly, for the best effect) in the input box below, and a database list of zip codes will be searched as you type, presenting you with up to 10 matches for what you're typing. You can then use your mouse or the arrow keys to select a zip code from the drop-down list that appears, and either click the result (if you're using a mouse) or press enter or tab (if you're using the arrow keys) to select a value.

Lookup A Zip Code:

Notes about this technique:

Julian Robichaux
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