Version: 0.9.2
File Date: Oct 21, 2005
Licensing: Academic Free License version 2.1 (includes source code)

jurst = Julian's Useful RPC SOAP Tools.

The jurst library is a set of Java classes that are wrappers and helper functions intended to make it easier to call RPC SOAP web services. These classes make calls to (and therefore rely on) the Apache SOAP and WSDL4J libraries.

This library is not intended to be compatible with all WSDL and SOAP-based web services. It specifically targets:

At the time of this writing, this actually covers a good sampling of the web services that you'll come across. A simple web service of this type can be called as easily as:

SoapHelper sh = new SoapHelper("http://myserver/myservice?WSDL");
System.out.println(sh.callSimpleMethod("methodName", "param1"));

The jurst library handles all of the WSDL interpretation, namespace determination, and parameter passing for you. Common data types (String, Integer, etc.) are handled without extra coding, and you can also define complex data types for parameters and return values. Please see the API Docs and samples that are included with the distribution for more information.

Please note that the jurst library has absolutely no affiliation with the excellent Apache SOAP or WSDL4J projects -- it simply uses them to provide functionality.

Java 1.3 or higher
Apache SOAP
anything required by these libraries (like a JAXP XML parser)

Known Problems
Doesn't work with document/literal web services. Maybe in a later version...

None at this time (0.9.2 is the first public release).

download jurst_0.9.2.zip (110KB),
which includes the compiled JAR file, source code, documentation, and examples