Version: 1.1
File Date: 2-1-03
Licensing: Freeware (includes source code)

The SoapTester client is a Java application that allows you to send raw SOAP requests to a server and view the SOAP response. It also gives you the ability to send the request through a proxy server and set the socket timeout.

Below, you can download just the Java source code or the source code plus a few examples that you can use to get started right away. If you need a list of public SOAP servers, the xmethods site has a good one that's updated regularly. Also, if you're having trouble translating those WSDL files to form your own SOAP requests, try this page at or this tool at the soapUI website, both of which will do it for you (very cool).

Java 1.1 or higher (I think...I've been testing with the 1.3 JDK)

Known Problems

Version 1.1
1. Changed HTTP header so it uses \r\n for line separators instead of just \n (per the HTTP specification)
2. Added the repaintNow method to refresh the text in the JTextArea before the events finish firing
3. Added a global variable to remember the last directory we used in a given session

view/download source code only (12KB)
download source code with examples (6KB)