Stubby - The Lotus Notes Axis Stub Generator

Stubby is an open-source Lotus Notes database (available as a project on the OpenNTF site) that helps you create Apache Axis "stub" files that can be used to call web services from a Lotus Notes 7.x environment. The files that are produced can be used in Lotus Notes/Domino 7 (client or server) with NO modifications to the client or server, and NO external library dependencies.

In order to help with the documentation, I've included some pages here that address the following topics:

Also, don't forget to read the Help (i.e. -- About This Database) page within the database itself. When you open the Stubby database, you can just click the "Help!" button at the top of the main view to open the document, and you can read the information on the various tabs for help.

Providing Web Services in Domino 7
Note that Stubby allows you to easily consume a web service in Lotus Notes 7. The ability to provide a web service in Domino 7 is available natively. For more information on providing web services in Domino 7, a good place to start is this series of articles on the IBM developerWorks site:

Practical Web Services in IBM Lotus Domino 7: What are Web services and why are they important?
Practical Web services in IBM Lotus Domino 7: Writing and testing simple Web services
Practical Web services in IBM Lotus Domino 7: Writing complex Web services

last edited March 8, 2007