Sponsor Me in a Mud Run, Raise Money for a Great Cause

The race has been run. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and sponsored me! I don't have an official total, but we raised over $1,000 in less than 4 days, which is far more than my original "maybe a couple hundred dollars" guess. You folks are amazing and generous.

If you are curious about how the run turned out, please visit my brand new mud run tips page. There is a link to a picture gallery at the bottom.

On Saturday June 1st, 2013, I will be participating in a mud run near my house.

I really really dislike getting dirty, and I dislike being muddy even more. But you can sponsor me to do this run and help raise money for The Art of Curing Matt. My good friend Troy Reimer has a 10 year old son who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and any money you pledge will go towards helping to find a cure.

Here is what you can do:

1: Click the "Donate" link below and donate money to the cause


This will take you to a page on the Myelin.org site where you can make the donation. Please use the blue "Donate Now" button instead of the yellow paypal button if you can -- they can track the donations better that way.

I'm linking to their donation page (instead of setting up a separate mud run donation page) because I want to make sure that the money goes as directly as possible to the organization, with no additional overhead or administrative fees.

If you select "Yes" in the "Is This Donation In Honor of Or In Memory of an Individual?" at the bottom of the donation form, you can let the Reimer's know that you've made a donation. Just enter the following information in the first three fields of the "In Honor Of" page (this will be the second screen of the donation form, after you've clicked Continue):

    The Art of Curing Matt: Mud Run
    Troy Reimer

2: Click the "Guess The Time" link, and guess how fast (or slow) I will run the race

  Guess The Time!

I didn't have time to make this an automated process, so right now the form will just send me an email with your name and your guess, and I will add it (manually) to the list below. Please expect a delay of up to a few hours before your guess is added.

You can be as specific as you'd like with your guess (to the minute, second, or microsecond), and you are allowed to guess the same time as someone else if you want. It doesn't matter. This is all for fun... and charity!

If you have the closest guess, you will win a signed original piece of art by Matt Reimer himself. The drawing on the right is Tiaill, an inhabitant of Matthewland. Various pieces of Matt's artwork will be auctioned off this weekend, and Troy has set aside one of the Tiaill prints specifically for the best guesser in the mud run challenge. In the unusual event that multiple people are equally close, we will figure something out.

Tips on guessing the time
I have no idea how long it will take me to run this particular race, but I will offer the following information to help you guess:

That's all the help I can give you, and I'm not "shooting" for any particular time. I'm just going to get out there and finish as well as I can.


Time GuessWho Guessed It
26:17Mitch Cohen
I am going with Julian will get through the mud as fast as he possibly can
29:27Troy Reimer
Go Go Gadget Sanitizer
31:30Mat Newman
Mud won't slow Julian down much, I'm pretty sure it'll motivate him to get through it faster!
32:25Matt White
We definitely need photos.
34:00Joe Litton
Everyone I know who does mud runs always pees while they're in the mud. Thought you should know.
34:56Ed Brill
Go dog go!
35:25Bernd Hort
Great idea!
36:00Steve McDonagh
36.00David Beecher
36:11.08Gab Davis
I'm giving you extra mins to allow for obstacles but took off mins assuming you'll go fast to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Good luck!
36:55henry Newberry
Will it EVER END!!!!
37:30Ben Poole
No-one else came up with a 37 yet, so I figured I would.


Very best of luck for tomorrow my good man :-)
38:00Handly Cameron
If you had to get muddy, this is a great reason to do it!
38:88Mary Beth Raven
Please Julian, lots and lots of pictures! I know that this will be very difficult for you! Will you be wearing a dry suit maybe?? (Lots of 8's in my guess because I worked on Notes 8)
40:00Jason Hook
Good luck, keep your mouth closed in the muddy bits. You are awesome.
41:00Brian Moore
Power through it!
42:00Rob McDonagh
The guess isn't a judgement of your running ability, it's just The Answer to, well, Life, the Universe, and Everything.
42:42Chris Byrne
Because 42 is the answer to life and mud!
45:00Lars Olufsen
When pain sets in, or things get grimy, think of bacon. All shall be well!
I'm thinking only an extra 15 minutes to slip and slide through those obstacles! Go, Julian! Remember there is a hot shower somewhere at the end of this!
46:66Carl Tyler
No idea how you will manage to get through the pool of human DNA challenge?
47:26Thomas Duff
Great cause... nice job, Julian.
48:30Nick Robichaux
Go get 'em big brother! I did the Mud Crusade last year at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and it was a blast. Just remember to take it slow on some of the obstacles because they get slippery. Also, try and start at the front of your group to avoid the pileups. That's all the advice that I can offer.
51:00Chris Miller
I only go this high because Julian will stop and evaluate each obstacle looking for the least muddy path.
I cringe just thinking about it. So PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!

If you have any questions at all, please send me an email and ask