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[1] Steven Vaughan @ 12:06PM | 2005-12-01

Was hoping to use your LDDMonkey js extension. Have upgraded to the latest release of Firefox and GreaseMonkey and have installed your code but when viewing LDD docs, does not change the appearence.

Could I be doing something wrong ?


[2] Julian Robichaux @ 03:00AM | 2005-12-02

Steven -

Nope, it's not you. It broke for me today too. More info here:


Thanks for the heads up! I'll post a fix when I figure one out.

- Julian

[3] Martin Vereecken @ 03:19AM | 2007-11-19

Hi Julian,

I stumbled upon your script while I was writing about some shortcomings on Notes.Net - I really like the solution you created.
It also activated my interest in GreaseMonkey, so I wonder what other tricks this monkey can perform for me now. Someting more to keep me busy!


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