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[1] ursus @ 12:17PM | 2005-08-09

same here - never knew why sometimes the documents stayed selected and sometimes they didn't. learn something every day!


[2] nick @ 03:57PM | 2005-08-09

Doh! I have even written agents that say "Don't forget to de-select documets in view", after the agent has run !!!!

[3] Stephan Wissel @ 07:24PM | 2005-08-09

Didn't know the simple action keep selected either. It makes perfect sense, since the "Run an Agent" simple action per se is useless (you could start the agent directly). However as one of several action steps in a simple agent it makes sense, and in the context of an agent the selected set shouldn't change. That at the end it is not deselected seems rather a byproduct.
My 2c

[4] jonvon @ 10:19PM | 2005-08-09

had no freakin clue. thanks for posting that.

[5] Rod Stauffer @ 01:00AM | 2005-08-10

Good find. Thanks!

[6] Julian Robichaux @ 02:30AM | 2005-08-10

Man, I feel so much better that I wasn't the only one who didn't know this...

- Julian

[7] Mark Elgar @ 10:15AM | 2005-08-30

Mate, thanks for that i had no idea about it and it pisses me off on a regular basis.


[8] Jeff @ 04:00AM | 2005-12-15

Great post, of course you likely know of the BOINC client that is available for Linux. I would also like to encourage you to join our team efforts under the Ubuntu Linux banner. Keep up the good work here!

(aka jeffdano)

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