The June 2009 Blog
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Calculator Sidebar App for the Lotus Notes 8 Client (Tuesday, Jun 30)
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Finally getting around to officially releasing my Calculator Sidebar App to the SNAPPS Widget Catalog:

SNAPPS Calculator Sidebar App

I've actually had it on the Update Site for personal beta testing since last month, so if you are one of the clever people who found it before today please reinstall so you get the latest version. ;-)

The premise of this application is pretty simple: it's a calculator. Carl Tyler created the very nice Epilio Calculator Plugin for Sametime some time ago, so I'm certainly not the first one to have this idea. I had a few personal requirements for a calculator though:

There are other functions too -- including Rob "Bossman" Novak's request for a Base64 encoding/decoding dialog -- but those were the things that I really wanted in a calculator app. Also, I still have it informally listed as a beta release, mostly because I haven't developed a full suite of test calculations to use for validation yet. So please tell me if you think you find a bug.

Setting Up A Linux VM For Lotus Notes Client Testing (Thursday, Jun 18)
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I finally got around to setting up a fresh new Linux virtual machine so I could install a Lotus Notes 8.5 client on Linux (and test multiplatform things like PandaBear and custom Sidebar apps). Despite some long download times, it was a relatively easy process once I got all the pieces together. Here are the basic steps:

The only weird problem I ran into was that all the fonts were really really small after I installed the VMWare tools; so tiny I couldn't actually read anything. The fix ended up being to edit my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, change the default resolutions from "1280x768" to "1024x768", and restart the X-server (or the whole workstation). Not sure why that worked but it did, and I can still stretch my VM screen to whatever size I want.

PandaBear (beta) for Quickr: Cool Tool (Friday, Jun 12)
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Viktor has been working on an Adobe Air application for a little while now, and it's finally ready for a FREE public beta release. Looks really cool, and will be very handy for Lotus Quickr users. Go get it at

PandaBear for Quickr

Also see the announcements by Rob Novak and Viktor Krantz for more tempting details. Who said Adobe Air apps are only good for Twitter clients?