The May 2009 Blog
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Custom Sidebar Apps For You (Tuesday, May 19)
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Hey look, free custom Sidebar apps!

ReCon Sidebar App Scrapple Sidebar App

Over the past few weeks I've been grabbing slices of my free time to finally finish some Lotus Notes Sidebar apps that have been in various states of unfinishedness on my laptop and in my brain. Here they are, in a Widget Catalog on the SNAPPS template server:

I'll talk a little more about them over the next few days. They're all free, a few are open source, and the more useful ones are the Remote Console (ReCon) app and the Scrap Collector (Scrapple) app pictured above.

Collaboration University Registration is Open (One Day Discount) (Tuesday, May 12)
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Registration is now open for Collaboration University 2009. It'll be in Chicago and London again, and new this year there's an extra $100 discount if you sign up on the first day of registration. That's today! See my boss Rob Novak's blog announcement for more details.

As a freshly minted SNAPPS employee last year, I attended both of the 2008 CollabU events. The locations were great and the speakers were fantastic. I've also referred back to the workshop lab materials a number of times as I've worked on Quickr place customizations and tweaks over the past 6 months (Tip: the workshops are very hands-on and useful).

If you're an admin or developer responsible for Sametime or Quickr, or you want to find out about Connections, there's no better place to learn.

Chalkboard Animation (Monday, May 11)
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Very cool chalkboard animation music video. 6 months, 1900 frames, lots of chalk:

Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.